Saturday, February 18, 2012

:: 10 reasons of loving you ::

10 reasons why I LOVE YOU

I love to see your SMILES for no reason

I love to see you when you're smile at me like i'm everything for you

I love to see when you're really worried about me

I love to see how much you cared about me

I love to hear your voice when you're advising me for something wrong i did

I love to listen you sang a song when i can't sleep at night

I love to cry harder when/because you're there to lend your shoulder for me

I am glad that i knew you because you taught me everything

I love to have you even our favourite quite different because from you, i got learn something new

I love you ... for no reason anymore ... I swear that I love you .. really love you .. sincerely love you .. from the bottom of my heart ..

I don't need any reason to love you when me (the UNPERFECT girl) met you (the person who make me felt PERFECT) for no reason too (^_^)

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