Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanks for make me SLIM !!

[maaf jika grammar & vocab hancur lebur .. rindu nak speaking]

anyways .. i think i shud say thanks to MY INTAN PAYUNG (my ex) for this achievement .. believe it or not .. i can reduced my weight 2kg in 2weeks .. !! .. so the "happiness" has move on until about 1 month .. i guess i've lost my weight more kilo's .. amazing right??

dear all,
please believe me .. hahahaha .. really! this stress, those probs really make me slim .. lost lots of kg's .. tiada lagi perot moncett .. terasa ringan je badan sekarang ni .. everybody who couple with me, always mad at me when i'm planning to diet laa .. not to eat this, to eat that .. but whenever i'm in stress .. nothing can forced me to eat a lots as usual .. or likes other normal people .. hello! i'm a person who will never seriously plan to diet because i know it will never happened when it plans. So, in my way to lost my weight .. no need to plan .. 

When i'm in those conditions, my stomach always felt fulled .. no hungry at all .. hmm .. sometimes, i only ate once a day .. or sometimes, i just took a cup of hot milo .. then just went to sleep right away .. in a week, i can counted how many times i ate rice/noodles .. 3 to 4 times a week .. or once a day .. today 11.11.12 .. hmm about 3 to 4 weeks .. the sadness things happened on me .. my appetite still the same .. less ate, less drink, less talked, less smiles .. but insya'Allah, i will not become "sekeping" .. hahahaha .. 

dear friends who loved and care of me,
or maybe YOU .. yes, you!
i'm sorry when i'm still in this bad condition .. please .. don't force me to eat whenever i can't to eat .. or you will see me vomit that things back.

~Thank you awak ~

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  1. hurm...jgnlh seksa diri untuk org yg xhargai awk k...dan tiada penyesalan untuk setiap keputusn...


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