Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The "FUCKER" Anynomous

p/s : this entri really2 CREATED SPECIAL for Anonymous "tutttt"!!

Assalammualaikum wbt ...

Firstly, i would like to say sorry .. to apologize .. to whom .. to anybody that doesn't like any offensive language that i will use in this RUDE entry.

Actually, i've planned to create this entry for so long .. but i'm too busy with my work.  Yes, He makes me busy, forgot because He don't want me to insult anybody .. but I really can't forget this Anynomous ..

gambar anynomous yg biasa digambarkan

People out there can say that I can just reset my comment setting..don't let any Anynomous to leave any comment to my is ok.. This blog was created to share my feeling, my stories, my experiences, my thoughts and anything. So i don't mean or intend to find any enemy from/through this blog ..

This 'FUCKER' anynomous suddenly 'fuck' my blog, not once.. but twice..he/she really did it on purposely because i've deleted his/her comment .. and then i refresh my blog .. suddenly the 'fuck' comment appeared again .. means that the stalker/anynomous was really stalk my blog .. huhuhu (terharu sat, de gak yg giler stalk blog ni) ..

This Spontaneous Thursday entry that the 'fucker' anynomous was really hate it .. i don't know why .. maybe he/she was broken heart right now .. so, the anynomous dah takde lagi hati kot (sedey dol) .. but sorry, i've already deleted those 'fucked' comment ..

Hahahahaha .. i really not understand what the best part when u said "F***" .. Nevermind, those useless comment from useless person never make me down to blogging or gave up at all .. but gave me spirit to more 'jiwang' .. hahahhhahaha (sje nak sakitkan lagi hati anynomous yg xde hati tu)

To all my readers, this entri ONLY for the ANYNOMOUS that have leave his/her capital F comment in my blog .. yuckss!!! So, i'm really sorry to all my followers because of this entry i've used lots of offensive language that most of people doesn't like ..

Insya'allah i will behave myself back (^_^)

p/s : ustaz arul ajar, nak mengutuk/mengata tunjuk la diri, ckp depan2..xpyh nk "anynomousmampos" sgt..such a coward chicken!!

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